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Worst Blogger Ever?

Wow, I’m awful! I knew it had been a long time since I wrote, but I just could not get myself back in the blog writing groove. I’ve written every single day for the past 100 days on 750 Words, but I haven’t written here in seven months? Pathetic, I know!

I have been knitting. A lot, actually. I was totally unsuccessful at the Ravelympics – I am not a speed knitter! And I always challenge myself much too much and am forever disappointed. Right now I am knitting Knitting Pure & Simple’s Neck Down Wrap Cardigan in anticipation of wearing it at Rhinebeck in three weeks. I am not calling it a Rhinebeck sweater because I know myself and my own inability to complete things when I feel rushed. I’m nearly finished with the body now and I have a feeling the sleeves will go much more quickly (they are knit in the round and have far fewer stitches!) but I do not yet feel confident that it will be finished in time.

I’ve got big plans for my knitting future, too. I have to knit two shrugs (one for me, one for my bestie) before January 8th, 2011 – my wedding day! And I also want to find some time to knit two baby sweaters and a sweater for Joshua. I also want to finish knitting the afghan I started and make a sweater for Danny. I know it’s all too much and I will fail, but I am going to try!

I will also try to actually write in here more regularly, but it’s difficult for me. I’m planning a wedding, being a mom to a crazy first grader, and going to school again myself. Plus working part-time and trying to find time to knit and be with Danny and write 750 words each day. I’m going to try, though.


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