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More finished objects!

I’ve managed to stick with my finishing streak! After finishing Joshua’s blanket, I cast on for a mini scarf for my step-mother. I cobbled together a couple of patterns and managed to make a “bow scarf” that is almost identical to the ones my great-grandmother used to knit.

Bow Knot Scarf

I knit this using the Araucania Azapa that I bought almost a year ago to knit her a scarf from. Yay for finally getting around to it! After finishing that, I quickly knit up a potholder for my father to go with his Star Trek DVD.

Star Trek Potholder Front

It’s double-knit and I liked the back side better so now that is the front. I had planned to knit two, but it was a very tedious project and I doubt he’ll actually use it anyway. So then I finally picked up Ms. Squarey again and finished her off!

Finished Squarey!

I really hope that my sister will like her! I’m tempted to knit even more Squareys, but they do get boring! My son was so happy to see Ms. Squarey finished that he asked for me to finish the long-abandoned Kirby I’d started for him.

Finished Kirby

The face on Kirby leaves much to be desired, but Joshua loves him anyway. My pile of unfinished objects is dwindling! Today I actually get to cast on for something I’ve been eagerly anticipating! I’m going to knit French Press Felted Slippers for my oldest sister! I’ve been dying to try this pattern and I’m super excited about it.


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I finished up my sister’s mittens really quickly, even with the ripping out of one whole mitt I had to do (I didn’t check gauge and was half a stitch off which meant that mitt was TIGHT). I really love them and I hope that she will, too:

Bella's Mittens!

With those done, I wanted to cast on something new… but I felt so guilty about some things that were SO CLOSE to being finished. Like that Stocking I finished knitting back in September. I haven’t gotten around to knitting the other two, so I decided to just put Joshua’s name on it and add a hanging loop and FINISH it already.

Finished Stocking

I think it looks really good! I just did a little braid and sewed it on for the loop and I duplicate-stitched his name on using a chart for letters from an old stocking pattern. I modified the J to have a top, though, because I think not having one would confuse Joshua. I really like how the duplicate stitch came out:

Finished Stocking

And I’m definitely going to make more… eventually! I have a few Christmas gifts left to start (and finish!) and then I can work on selfish things again. The other unfinished thing that was bugging me was Joshua’s “Baby” Blanket. It had languished for so long because first I needed yarn and then I was distracted by other shiny things (like Margot!). But I picked it up again on the 3rd and tonight I finished it!

Finished Blanket!

It’s approximately 42.5″ square, but the garter stitch is VERY stretchy and it will definitely grow. I think it will make a nice throw once Joshua outgrows it. I’m so happy it’s finished and he loves it! I’m really proud of actually finishing something for him for once and I’m sorry it took so long!

Finished Blanket!

Finished Blanket!

Finished Blanket!

Now I’m going to cast on for a Christmas (or maybe birthday if I finish quickly) gift for my step mother and then one for my father. After that I have to finish up Ms. Squarey and Percy for my little sister. And then maybe figure out something for my sister Kerri or my mom. We’ll see!

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